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Who We Are?

Established in 2000, Freedom Mattress ® meaningful mattress innovations and technologies have helped many people sleep comfortable and live well. This is what differentiates Freedom Mattress from many others. It is currently one of the largest independent mattress manufacturers in India.

Freedom mattress is committed to deliver new innovated, relevant products that make sense to the consumers. Freedom mattress is quickly becoming leader brand of the mattress industry, and is determined to set a new standard to the industry.

The team of Freedom mattress is highly motivated staff having experience in making best quality mattresses. Freedom mattress brand is gaining momentum in establishing good market share in the mattress sector

Our strength is not just dependent on a range of futuristic offerings for various consumer and industrial applications but is also a result of the trust and security that our customers have invested in us over the last many years.

Why Choose us?

Choosing a mattress is not an everyday decision, it can impact your overall health and may cause or save you from big health issues. So you can't just rely on any mattress. But when there are plenty of mattress companies available out there, why you should choose Freedom as your relaxing partner. Because we always try to understand the problems faced by customers in the market and aim to come up with the best possible solution to offer our customers the best experience & comfort.
And here are some helpful solutions that we have offered till now:

  • Your Health Our Priority
  • Luxury in Budget
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent Support

Fly Free With Us

Become a sales partner with Freedom, and you'll not regret it. Because at Freedom, we have one working formula, Work Hard, Win Big and Celebrate bigger. Here's the way how we appreciate our sales partners' efforts and celebrate our wins together.


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Lifetime Warrany

Freedom promises a relationship of lifetime support to help the customers maintain a satisfactory smile whenever they lie on our mattress. Our customer support team is happy to help our respected consumers and resolve all types of complaints in Just 72 hours. Our team is working tirelessly to offer our beloved customers a comfortable & quality sleep at night.
But your cheerful smiles & positive feedback are the only things motivating us to deliver the best for you.
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